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No data left behind

Connect to Providers and Health Plans Across the Nation

CareEvolution's platform can reach over 85% of all U.S. healthcare delivered annually. Connect to EHR data from over 1.5 million providers and nearly all the leading national and regional health plans. See how researchers across life sciences are connecting to real world data.

Data included

CareEvolution's Discover™ and Orchestrate™ platforms connect to thousands of physicians, hospitals/ED, and Medicare/insurance companies for patient-mediated data exchange. Patients and study participants can access and share:

Family Health
Care Plans

Electronic health records (EHR) and claims provide a depth of real-world data that enhances the power of digital clinical trials, research, and individualized healthcare applications.

Don't see a provider listed?

New providers are being added all the time, but not all providers and their EHR vendors have implemented the requisite standards-based API access. Patients can contact providers to request that their EHR provides "SMART on FHIR" access for apps like CareEvolution's MyDataHelps™ and myFHR™.

Are you a provider?

Are you a healthcare provider interested in supporting cutting-edge healthcare applications? If your system has a publicly accessible FHIR endpoint supporting SMART Authorization, contact us to discuss integration with CareEvolution applications.